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Blacksburg’s 16 Squares

This exhibit explores the land, architecture, and people of the 16 Squares of Blacksburg. In 1798, William Black laid out a grid on 38 acres of his land encompassing the area within Draper Road, Jackson Street, Clay Street and Wharton Street. The orderly geometry is still visible on maps and satellite imagery today. Clearly defined, in contrast to the seemingly unorderly development around it, the grid remains mostly intact thanks in part to the T-intersections that cap its boundaries. In 1991 the 16 Squares, located within the Blacksburg Historic District, was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation offers 16 Squares walking tours every other Thursday, extending an opportunity to learn about the buildings, industries, and people who have made Blacksburg what it is today. 

On Display until July 3.


We are in the process of designing our Blacksburg timeline to be installed permanently in the upstairs hallway.