As stewards of both The Alexander Black House and St. Luke & Odd Fellows Hall,
our mission is to preserve, interpret, and promote Blacksburg’s art, history, and cultural heritage.

The Alexander Black House features rotating art and history exhibitions, programs and events, a children’s room, a gift shop featuring local artists, a library & genealogy center, a permanent period display & exhibit in the Alexander Black bedroom, outdoor sculpture exhibitions, an education & workshop room, community gathering spaces, the Museum’s permanent collection, and the staff offices of the Blacksburg Museum & Cultural Foundation.

The St. Luke & Odd Fellows Hall is the last remaining building in what was New Town, a neighborhood that grew amid a racially divided climate. Its early residents did not have the same necessary resources as Blacksburg’s white population. In response, New Town residents built a stable, cohesive community through their churches and fraternal institutions to create meaningful lives for themselves.

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