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Members help sustain our Blacksburg community's historic landmarks while enjoying many outstanding benefits throughout the year.

Membership benefits:

  • Members only previews to selected exhibits and programs
  • Early invitations to special events
  • Invitations to special, member-only events 
  • 10% discount on store merchandise
  • 10% discount on workshops and programs
  • Reduced rates on facility rentals
  • Subscription to Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation Newsletter


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Membership Levels


$10.00- For students looking for a inexpensive but positive way to support their college community.

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$50.00- Small to medium group of people or families looking for a regular touch with the Museum.

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$250.00- Membership plan for corporate sectors with more than 200 members in a large group.

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$30.00- A friend to the Museum interested in taking active part in its events and exhibits.

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$100.00- We offer special membership plans for your special need, just get in touch with our manager.

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$500.00- Be a benefactor of our museum serving key roles in our development.

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