Sixteen Squares Historic Walking Tour


Join us for a stroll around Blacksburg's to see and visit its historic landmarks.

Blacksburg was developed because it was situated along one of the East-West routes through the Valley of Virginia. Originating from the "Sixteen Squares" which were the first organized, developed land that made up the town, Blacksburg has grown far beyond its original size. 

Take a self-guided tour or join one of our scheduled tours for brief immersion into Blacksburg's local history!

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A-      Five Chimney's House

B-      Corner of Draper and Clay Street

C-      Blacksburg Motor Company

D-1-  Town Stream

D-      Cabo Fish Taco

E-      Church Street

F-       Spout Spring Creek

F-1-   Spring Art

G-      Spout Spring House

H-      Spout Spring House & Ruins

I-       First Baptist Church

J-       Wharton Street

K-      Highest Point in the Sixteen Squares

L-      Price House

M-    Roanoke Street



          N-      Block with Log Cabins

          O-      Andy Croy House

          P-       Saint Paul AME Church

          Q-      Andy Camper House

          R-      Blacksburg Fire Station

          S-       Old Town Hall

          T-      Episcopal Church

          U-      Jewish Community Center 

          V-     Third Presbyterian Church

          W-    Virginia Tech History

          X-     The Armory 

          Y-     Thomas Connor House

          Z-     The Alexander Black House

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