Luther Memorial Lutheran Church





Pastors:  Bill King & Joanna Stallings
Corner of Toms Creek and Prices Fork Roads
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Luther Memorial Lutheran Church was officially organized in 1886, but preliminary work had been done earlier.  The church was founded by older congregations to minister to the students in the Corps of Cadets in the new Agricultural and Mechanical College.  This church is a direct descendant of St. Michael’s/St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, which was on the boundary of present-day Blacksburg towards Price’s Fork and is the site of the current St. Michael Lutheran Church.

The church building was started in 1883, located on Turner Street where the McDonald’s restaurant is now located.  It was constructed of hand-made bricks formed on-site and fired on a temporary kiln.  When that building was torn down in the 1970s for the move to the current church building, many of the bricks were salvaged, cleaned by hand by church members, and used to build the altar table and pulpit of the present church.





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