Blacksburg Christian Church




Pastor: Gary McCoy
240 Watson Avenue

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a “Reformed and Evangelical” denomination. The Blacksburg Christian Church was founded and organized by seven men, eight women, and three young people on April 12, 1903.  A few months later the congregation purchased the old Baptist Church located on the northeast corner of Roanoke and Church Streets and established the original “House of Worship” for the new denomination in Blacksburg.

In 1910 the congregation razed the existing structure’s upper level. Using the original basement walls as a foundation, they began construction of a new multi-level brick facility.  In 1912 the congregation (still without a full-time minister) occupied their newly-completed, upper-level brick sanctuary with a remodeled educational/fellowship space on the lower level.

In the late 1960′s the Blacksburg Christian Church sold this house of worship to the Odd Fellows Lodge and moved to their present sanctuary.

After an additional twelve years, the Odd Fellows in turn sold the old property to become the Blacksburg Jewish Community Center. The Jewish Community realized that parts of the old Christian stained glass windows were incompatible with their faith, so they removed the center shields from the windows and put them in storage for seventeen years.  In January of 1998, BCC’s minister obtained the shields from storage, had them cleaned and refurbished, and hung them in the current sanctuary as a surprise for the congregation.




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